I have a tiny hole on my gum line?

  • Scare Kro

    I have a tiny hole on my gum line?

    I don't have the best dental care and I just discovered a tiny hole above my front two teeth on my gum line. I am a smoker and a coffee drinker and a couple of friends want to drink this weekend what should I do? I do not have any pain but the hole is not closing up it showed up after I popped an abscess this morning. I wont be able to get to a free clinic until Monday morning and I'm worried about what could happen until then. How should I take care of this and make sure it doesn't get infected. What foods should I eat? What should I drink? Should I continue to smoke cigarettes? Please help. I am worried.


  • Hey You  
    If this is from an abscess then it means the infection under your tooth has found a path to drain in your mouth. It will probably continue to fill with pus until you have the tooth treated. The reason you don't have any pain is because the abscess is able to drain and not put pressure on the tooth. Drinking alcohol won't make it worse, but could cause a burning sensation.