Seeing black spots when I stand up?

  • Simplyme !!

    Seeing black spots when I stand up?

    HiitHou it started about a month ago , at first it was just a little bit but now it's nearly every time I stand up , I see black a white spots and nothing else and get dizzy and have to hold myself up or bend over , iv also been getting headaches. What is this ? Thanks x


  • ♥2 нєαятѕ♥  
    It sounds like you might have hypotension which is low blood pressure. This causes you to see black spots when you stand up. One of the causes of hypotension is dehydration. So, make sure you drink lots of water.
  • Nikki  
    it sounds like you might be dehydrated, once i saw black spots and ended up passing out, drink a lot of water, also i think its a sign that your dehydrated if your dizzy when you stand up
  • Appler  
    Do you excerise and are healthy? People who are healthly have a slower heartbeat. So when you stand up your heart may need a few seconds to beat up blood to your head. Try to get up slower
  • Nikki Parnell  
    dehydration could do that. Also low blood pressure. Try drinking some orange juice as the vitamin C increases your blood sugar levels, and helps to stabalise your blood pressure.