Does a RIM job feel good?

  • 16_latino

    Does a RIM job feel good?

    i've always been curious. does it feel good or what?? and do u have to be gay to get one??


  • Mason  
    idk and probably not
  • Zyllus  
    Guys have prostate, when stimulated it causes arousal. Not all guys like this though, and the odds of someones tongue being that long is very unlikely. I believe it is more of a fetish than anything, meaning it may only feel good because it is kinky, or different. And no, you don't have to be gay, I think the likely hood of a gay couple engaging in rim jobs is just as great as a girl and a guy doing it. It happens all the time.
  • Freedom Is Not Free  
    Yes, it does--giving and receiving. No, you don't have to be gay just because you desire one. Many women enjoy them and so do guys.
  • hammerhandsz  
    well, it is when you get ur *** licked, so unless ur a girl probably not (the vag and anus r so close that it may be enjoyable somehow). but a guy doesnt feel **** from that lol
  • Liz Linkins  
    its downright...............................…