How long does weed/resin stay in your system?

  • Bob Michaels

    How long does weed/resin stay in your system?

    So I smoked it (FOR THE FIRST/LAST TIME) 2 weeks ago. I want to be a police officer in 4 years so I told myself never to touch it but I guess I messed up. Anyways I might have to take a pee test at a job interview soon. I am 6'2 and 210 lbs. My friend told me if I drink LOTS of water I'll be good.


  • Nate  
    No worries if you don't smoke all the time, it will stay in your system for about 10 days and then won't show up in a pee test. It will stay in your blood for up to 6 months though and after that it could still leave traces of thc in your hair follicles. But i'd say in about 7 months if you have short hair, you're hair won't have a trace of it. Your pee test will pass i'm sure though. Drink lots of water now and then slow up a bit when it comes time for the test because apparently they can tell if your trying to water it down because they test the creatin levels in your pee and you can fail the test if you have low levels of it. Hope this helps, good luck.
  • John Blaze  
    If this is your first time, it will only be in your system for about 2 weeks. If you are a heavy smoking it could take up to 45 days. If you do drink lots of water, go to a vitamin store and get a B12 dosage because if you urinate only water, the test will come back inconclusive and they will make you take the test again. but if you have a vitamin in your system they have to pass you.
  • H  
    lol you want to be a cop. haha imagine, "how much you got on you sir" "5 grams" sir im gunna have to ask you to PASS IT UP yea john blaze knows what he talkn bout.