How long should i stay home with walking pneumonia?

  • dancer180

    How long should i stay home with walking pneumonia?

    for the past week i had a really bad wet cough (barking like). i went to the dr yesterday and he said my right lung was weezing and i had walking pneumonia. i started antibiotics last night and i am on an inhaler. the only thing is that i can now hear the weezing when i take deep breaths and may have had a mild fever this morning. we are going to give it till tomoro night to see if i feel better. i stayed home from school today should i also stay home tomoro?


  • Shari  
    As far as being contagious, you should be okay after being on the antibiotics for 24 hours if your pneumonia is bacterial. There is a chance it could be viral which will have to run it's course. Your doctor did the right thing by putting you on antibiotics. But that is not really the issue here. You have inflammation in your lungs that has consolidated in one particular area, and that takes a little while to start clearing up. The wheezing is most likely from the secretions narrowing your airways right now. The best thing you can do is REST. Allow your body to heal! Drink plenty of fluids, especially water to help thin out those secretions so you can cough them out. I would see if someone can get your assignments for the week so you're not getting behind. Do them from home at your pace when you feel like it this week. Your immune system will be on overdrive this week to try to cure that infection. Rest and let it do it's job! The more you rest right now, the faster your body will heal. You will feel so much better next week. You will still have a cough, but you'll be on your way to the healthy you. Take care of yourself! Hope you feel wonderful next week!
  • Jennifer  
    Hi....well you should monitor your fevers.You said you MAY have had a fever this morning,just try to keep an eye on your fevers.And also,if your just not up to going to school tomorrow,then stay home.It's NOT worth taking the chance,especially when it might very well make you feel much worse going out in the cold morning air.When you breathe in that cold morning air,it's really hard on your lungs.I advise that you just stay home tomorrow,stay in bed get plenty of rest,eat well,drink plenty of fluids.And most of a lot of TV!!! Lol...kidding ya...But stay home,rest,drink,eat and sleep!! Not worth going out on the cold morning air,or even going out at ALL.Feel better and take care.....:)
  • I heart beets  
    i'd probably stay home, but call your doctor to make sure.